2.5mm K-Panel Pastels

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W103 2.5mm K-Panel Pastels

10% OFF PASTEL SHEETS IN JUNE. Offer Ends 30 June 2017. Miami Vlad has just returned from his Florida photo shoot to promote his pastel cladding range.

2.5mm pastel hygienic wall cladding sheets are a fashionable alternative to white. Suitable for decorative areas and also proven in hospitals, surgeries and other hygienic areas. Good value, impact resistant sheet. Class 1 fire-rated for surface spread of flame. Available in 8ft, 9ft (ivory and grey only) and 10ft sheets.

For full metric measurements see Technical Specification.

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Code Details 1+ 20+ 50+ Quantity
W103AA 2.5mm Pastel Blue 8ft x 4ft £31.68 £29.78 £27.81
W103A 2.5mm Pastel Blue 10ft x 4ft £38.61 £36.68 £34.75
W103BB 2.5mm Pastel Grey 8ft x 4ft £31.68 £29.78 £27.81
W103BA 2.5mm Pastel Grey 9ft x 4ft £34.70 £32.98 £31.23
W103B 2.5mm Pastel Grey 10ft x 4ft £38.61 £36.68 £34.75
W103CC 2.5mm Pastel Green 8ft x 4ft £31.68 £29.78 £27.81
W103C 2.5mm Pastel Green 10ft x 4ft £38.61 £36.68 £34.75
W103DD 2.5mm Ivory 8ft x 4ft £31.68 £29.78 £27.81
W103DA 2.5mm Ivory 9ft x 4ft £34.70 £32.98 £31.23
W103D 2.5mm Ivory 10ft x 4ft £38.61 £36.68 £34.75

Length: 8ft / 2438mm (2.4m)
               9ft / 2774mm (2.74m) 
             10ft / 3048mm (3.05m)

Width: 4ft / 1219mm (1.22m)

Thickness: 2.5mm