K-Panel McDonald's Grey Trims

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W106D K-Panel McDonald's Grey Trims

Colour matched 10ft trim range for our best-selling McDonald's Grey. Note all trims are 10' long.

The simple edge trim, angle and two-part snap-on H-divider make fitting the 2.5mm sheets easy.

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Code Details 1+ 20+ 50+ Quantity
W106D1 10' Edge trim for McDonald's Grey £3.50 £3.33 £3.15
W106D2 10' One inch angle for McDonald's Grey £4.20 £3.99 £3.78
W106D3 10' 2-part H-Divider for McDonald's Grey £5.90 £5.61 £5.31

Length: All 10ft (3.05m)

Width: Edge Trim 27mm, Inch Angle 26mm x 26mm, 2-part H-divider (back) 37mm

Depth: Edge and Divider 6mm, Angle 2mm thickness