10mm H-Panel Burgundy

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W114D 10mm H-Panel Burgundy

Twin-faced solid 10mm Burgundy hygienic wall cladding panel with quality laminate finish on both sides. Hides wall imperfections, high protection, thermal properties, impact resistant panel, Matching dividers and edge trims are available. 

Ideal for fixing directly to block work and timber stud partitions. Reduces preparation work on site. Can be thermo-formed for bespoke projects.

Please call for prices, these panels are not held in stock.

For metric measurements see Technical Specification.

Code Details 1+ 20+ 50+ Quantity
W114D1 Burgundy 8ft x 4ft Call for pricing
W114D2 Burgundy 9ft x 4ft Call for pricing
W114D3 Burgundy 10ft x 4ft Call for pricing

Length: 8ft / 2438mm (2.4m)
              9ft / 2048mm (2.74m) 
             10ft / 3048mm (3.05m)

Width: 4ft / 1219mm (1.22m)

Thickness: 10mm