2.5mm Grey Shades

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W104G 2.5mm Grey Shades

Grey cladding is in massive demand. Pastel Grey is one of the fastest sellers on our site and we've had repeat orders for titanium grey from a top UK fitness chain.

There are five shades of grey in our K-Panel range. From light to dark we have: Stone and Pastel (light) Tin and Mid (medium) and Titanium (rich dark grey). To compare the shades, the order in the stack photo on the left (from top to bottom) is Tin,  Stone, Pastel, Titanium, Mid.  

Grey also complements our bold colours and creates cool combinations for feature walls in a variety of interiors including schools, offices, museums, retail outlets and leisure facilities. A range of Tin colour-matched trims are available - see below and in FIXINGS.

You'll find the rest of our 50 Shades of Grey in our extensive range of decorative Bathroom cladding - including marble, stone, oak, mineral and fusion designs in various shades of grey.

[For full metric measurements see Technical Specification. 8ft = 2438mm 10ft = 3048mm.]

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Code Details 1+ 20+ 50+ Quantity
W104G1 Tin 9ft (2.74m) £66.80 £63.46 £60.12
W104G2 Stone 8ft (2.4m) £59.08 £55.00 £51.00
W104G22 Stone 10ft (3.05m) £73.85 £66.46 £63.30
W104G3 Pastel Grey 8ft (2.4m) £35.20 £33.05 £30.90
W104G33 Pastel Grey 10ft (3.05m) £42.90 £40.75 £38.61
W104G4 Titanium 8ft (2.4m) £59.08 £55.00 £51.00
W104G44 Titanium 10ft (3.05m) £73.85 £66.46 £63.30
W104G5 Mid Grey 9ft (2.74m) £66.80 £63.46 £60.12

Length: 8ft / 2438mm (2.4m)  9ft / 2744mm (2.74m)  10ft / 3048mm (3.05m)

Width: 4ft / 1219mm (1.22m)

Thickness: 2.5mm