You may think that specifying top brands is the ‘safe bet’, but it isn’t always the best option.
We can help you reduce costs and stretch your budget further without compromising
on quality.

We will ensure you specify a like-for-like product that offers the same performance.
Cladding performance matters because having to replace panels soon after handover
reflects badly on you and your team.

Our extensive cladding experience will help you avoid the pitfalls of over-spending
on cladding.

For example, specifying welded joints for a high traffic area like a kitchen or a food factory
is asking for trouble and could mean replacing a whole wall, rather than just one panel
if the joints fail or are damaged.

We can also supply high quality bonding at huge discounts (save up to 50%) and these
savings soon add up in a major installation.

Cost-conscious architects can also benefit from Vlad’s Quick Specs Matrix and our
detailed Cladding Warehouse NBS docs.

Download our NBS specs now 
CW NBS 001 - 2mm, 2.5mm and 3mm White & Pastels Download
CW NBS 002 - 2.5mm Bold Colours Download
CW NBS 003 - 10mm Hollow Form 407mm C-Plank Download


Download our Quick Check Specs Matrix 
CW Quick Check Specs Matrix Download