2.5mm White PVC wall cladding in West End hotel kitchenP

Many of our best customers are experienced installers from all around the UK. These photos were taken by one of our most valued trade customers based in London.

Refurbishing the extensive kitchen area at one of London’s most exclusive West End hotels isn’t an everyday event, so we are delighted to show you this photo taken after the installation of 2.5mm PVC K-Panel White.

We aren’t saying which hotel it is, but it rhymes with 'carriages'.

The photographs show pristine white PVC hygienic wall cladding expertly installed on walls, columns, recesses and corridors throughout the kitchens. The durable and easy clean PVC will help to maintain the highest standards of hygiene.

Whisper it quietly but the same superstar installer also refurbished the kitchens at Buckingham Palace with hygienic cladding and trims from Cladding Warehouse.

Thanks again to our customer who gave us permission to use his photos here.